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Marble Countertops In Lethbridge

You can depend on Granite Plus Inc for high-quality and attractive marble countertops in Lethbridge. Marble is formed when sediment crystallizes under heat or pressure. Marble requires some maintenance because it is porous and more susceptible to staining than harder stone types. It also reacts easily with acids. However, etches and stains blend into the grey veins of the stone over time, which creates a unique look. Carrara marble is also one of the cheapest stone solutions.


Marble comes in two finishes:

  • Honed: This finish is created by sanding the surface so that it has a soft, matte look. This finish won’t show scratches as much as a polished finish.

  • Polished: Polished marble has a shiny surface and won’t stain as easily as honed marble, but it is easy to scratch and etch. A polished surface’s shine will also wear down over time.

Some of our marble suppliers are:

Hari stones

For more information about our marble countertops, feel free to contact us today.

Granite Countertops

When it comes to granite countertops, no one beats the beautiful selection you will find at Granite Plus Inc.

Marble Countertops

Granite Plus Inc is a trusted name in marble countertops and surfaces for your home.

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Vanity Tops

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Large Selection of Countertops

Check out the extensive collection of competitively priced materials we have to offer at Granite Plus Inc.

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Granite Plus Inc is your one-stop shop for kitchen and bathroom countertops in Lethbridge.

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