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Quartz Countertops In Lethbridge

Get quality countertops in Lethbridge from Granite Plus Inc. When you think of the perfect kitchen and bath countertop surface, which characteristics come to mind? Beauty, durability, and compatibility with your décor probably come to mind. For all these reasons and more, quartz countertops are Lethbridge homeowners’ most-preferred countertop material. Quartz is naturally strong and durable, yet vibrantly patterned with a luxurious sheen. Parents also love the fact that quartz countertops are also easy to maintain. All these features are combined ensure a solid value.


Quartz has a surface that is smooth to the touch yet nearly indestructible, and it gives you the design flexibility you need with many colours and patterns to choose from — without sacrificing style. Quartz surfaces impart an air of style and sophistication while ensuring superior quality and reliability. The versatility and elegance of quartz make it an ideal choice for a variety of residential and commercial applications. The essence of quartz is unmatched beauty and unsurpassed durability.

Granite Plus Inc installs quartz countertops in Lethbridge homes, businesses, and anywhere fine countertops are desired. To discuss the many options available, give us a call today!

Advantages of Quartz

 Quartz is:

  • Low Maintenance: Quartz’s lustrous surface maintains a permanent sheen, so sealing, conditioning, and polishing are never needed.

  • Bacteria Resistant: Quartz is nonporous, so it won’t harbour harmful bacteria. The surface helps keep kitchens and baths sanitary.

  • Heat: Quartz can withstand exposure to normal cooking environments for brief periods without being damaged. Quartz can be damaged by extreme temperature changes, whether prolonged or sudden. Hot pads should be used when placing hot skillets, pans, or other heat-generating appliances on the surface.

  • Scratch Resistant: Quartz has a durable surface that is designed to withstand normal use. Cutting directly on quartz should be avoided. Even though natural quartz is one of nature's hardest surfaces, using cutting boards will help ensure long-lasting beauty.

  • Easy to Clean: Soap and water or mild cleansers are sufficient for cleaning. Harsh cleansers and abrasives are never needed, and they should be avoided. Do not use anything that contains bleach.

The right care and maintenance will keep your quartz beautiful for many years to come. Some of our quartz suppliers are:


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Large Selection of Countertops

Check out the extensive collection of competitively priced materials we have to offer at our showroom.

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